As well as being a great resource for local people, the Community Park is a home to lots of wildlife.

The park has a varied bird fauna. Many migrant species can be heard singing in the spring and early summer, including chiff chaff, willow warbler and blackcap. That great vocal star of the bird world, the nightingale can be heard performing in adjacent Old Park. Birds resident all year include long-tailed tit, yellow hammer, skylark and green woodpecker with its distictive laughter-like call. Buzzard, sparrow hawk, and kestrel are birds of prey that pass through.



Common mammals that are known to frequent the park include fox, wood mouse, bank vole,  and stoat.

Rough vegetation and scrub is habitat for reptiles like the slow worm and viviparous lizard, The pond attracts grass snakes which is also home to common frog, toad, palmate and smooth newts.


Viviparous lizard (Photo: Ruth King)

Butterflies to watch out for in summer include marbled white, peacock, small tortoiseshell, red admiral, common blue, comma, orange tip,  brimstone, and gatekeeper.  The clouded yellow has also been seen here.


Comma (Photo: Clarity Interpretation)

A recent survey recorded over 30 plant species including lady’s bedstraw, common knapweed and ox-eye daisy.

lady's bedstraw 2, CAM

Lady’s bedstraw (Photo: Clarity Interpretation)